Disabled, or Aged

Extra care and attention will be given to these pets

Pet Records


Individual records are maintained about your pets including their health, special needs and other relevant information including the following :

          Owner’s name, address and telephone numbers

          Emergency contact information

          Pet’s name, special needs and health status

          Veterinarian’s name, address and telephone number

Boarding Clause



Pet Owner acknowledges, accepts, agrees and understands that there is a risk that the pet can become ill or injured during its stay at Pawfect Cutz;

Pet Owner waives all rights and claims against Pawfect Cutz and further agrees not to hold or make Pawfect Cutz liable for any injury or illness or death or for any step or action or thing or decision made or taken by Pawfect Cutz concerning the Affected Pet.

Your Professional Pet Grooming, Styling and Boarding Centre



At PAW-fect Cutz, we believe bathing and grooming are essential to healthy pet.  We offer state-of-the-art pet grooming facilities with highly trained and qualified pet stylists.

They are highly skilled to offer various fashionable cuts / styles including official American Kennel Club grooming styles thus leaving your pet with a brand new make over.

 Services included :

      Ears & eyes cleaning

      Checking for fleas and ticks

      Nail trimming

      Expressing anal gland

      Slow, gentle brush & comb out

      Relaxing fluff dry by hand (no cage)

      Relaxing mini massage

      Shampoos & conditioners used according to coat / skin


      Complete reporting on the condition of your pet

      Professional cut and styling based on your pet’s needs

      Teeth brushing

      Massage after every bath

      Specialised selection of retail products

     Cage-free boarding for Dogs & Cats